James White, Jr. PhD, NP, LMSW

  • Bacone College 1965 – 1967
    Associates of Arts in Science
  • Northeastern State University 1967 – 1969
    Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
  • University of Kentucky – (Graduate School) 1969 – 1970
    Graduate work in Clinical Psychology & Business Administration
  • Pittsburg State University 1972 – 1973
    Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science (1982 – 1983)
  • Michigan State University – (Graduate Studies) 1973 – 1974
    Behavioral Psychology/Therapeutic Interventions
  • Western Kentucky University – (Graduate School) 1975 – 1976
    Graduate work in Psychology/Behavior Modification
  • Columbia Pacific University 1982 – 1984
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology & Health Services Administration
Continuing Education Hours (CE, CEU, CME)
For Progressive Professional GrowthH
  • Master of Science in Nursing – M.S.N. (psychiatric) 2006 – 2008
  • Doctor of Science in Nursing – D.N.Sc. 2008 – 2010
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Employment Data
  • Ganado, Arizona Navajo Health Foundation

    As a psychiatric practitioner, I have the opportunity to help inpatients of all ages at the ER or general hospital beds. Often times I am called upon to interview people in the emergency room for psychiatric consultations and evaluations. At Navajo Health Foundation I am more intimately involved with the Navajo population along with other populations such as Apache, Zuni and other Native American tribe members.

  • Phoenix, Arizona Touchstone Health Services - North Center

    At Touchstone I had the responsibility to provide Behavioral Services which insured evidence-based results, grounded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Specifically, my expertise focused on individuals with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder patients who displayed skill deficits and/or problem behaviors. My goal at Touchstone Health Services was to improve the lives of both children with autism and their family members, and adults who suffered various significant pathologies.

  • Wickenburg, Arizona Remuda Ranch

    While working at Remuda Ranch I saw individuals, on both an outpatient and inpatient basis daily. This process is well-orchestrated and well-designed. l designed recovery treatment programs focused for girls and women who are suffering with eating disorders, anxiety, OCD and some personality traits that have caused a variety of eating disorders. My goal was to always restore relationships with family and friends, and return patients to a productive, healthy and meaningful life, while helping patients reduce their challenges with eating disorder symptoms and behaviors.

  • Hurley Medical Center/Outpatient & Inpatient (Psychiatry)

    In this position with Hurley Inpatient Psychiatry, I was responsible for evaluation of each patient (both male and female inpatient unit), prescribing medications, adjusting/changing medications, assessing mental status, and advising/instructing the psychiatric support staff as to how the case needs to be managed (i.e., family conference, perhaps discharge of patient, assessing the emotional/physical needs of the patient, and what dosage and daily medications the patient may receive). In turn, I communicated such findings to the Psychiatric and administrative staff and may have to order a CAT scan, MRI, neurological exam, or lab work for patient. I was involved in these activities three (3) days per week. Outpatient clinic duties consisted mostly of medication reviews and further directing the patients therapeutic intervention with Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors and Substance Abuse Treatment Personnel.

  • Institute for inner Resources & Michigan Institute for Neurobiofeedback

    The Institute for Inner Resources is a clinical private practice. My Function is as a Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor offering a full range of medical and psychiatric interventions with an emphasis on EEG-Biofeedback and EMGBiofeedback (Neurobiofeedback). The Michigan Institute for Neurobiofeedback is a non-profit division of The Institute dedicated to researching the efficacy of Neurobiofeedback with a variety of health related issues. The Institute has been in operation since 1991 and is considered the largest practice dedicated to Neurobiofeedback the mid-west.

  • Detroit Health Care for the Homeless Inc.

    Detroit Health Care for the Homeless (DHCH) is the only federally qualified health care for the homeless organization dedicated to serving the over 10,000 homeless in the Metro-Detroit area. I serve as the Executive Director, performing both Clinical and Administrative duties. Roles include overseeing and advancing DHCH in an effort to meet greater demand of the population we serve. Such emphasis on direct patient care provides opportunity for interaction with a great variety of patient/client needs i.e., physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. The pathology encounters in this population are severe and broad. Experiences in this setting cover pediatrics, adolescents, adults, geriatrics, HIV, and drug abusers, chronic and acute, etc. As a Practitioner, I am required to perform medication reviews, physical assessment and intervention, develop treatment plans, serve as a resource for proper referral of patients, interface with other agencies providing health care to indigent/homeless and serve as a Medical Team Leader for off-site health care delivery. As the Executive Director/Administrator I am required to oversee budgets and staff, as well as implement new and innovative ways of advancing the mission of Detroit Health Care for the Homeless Inc.

  • Sinai Hospital - Crisis Clinic Outpatient Psychiatry

    In this outpatient crisis clinic I functioned as a Clinical Nurse Specialist/Practitioner in dealing with psychiatric emergencies. The components of this position included intakes and screening, as well as referral of patients experiencing psychiatric emergencies/crisis. Additionally, individual, family and collateral treatment were an integral part of intervention. Direct patient contact in an ambulatory setting was emphasized.

  • Wayne County Sheriff Department

    As a Psychiatric Practitioner/Consultant with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, I served primarily in direct patient (inmate) care. Specific duties included development of individual treatment plans; performing exams on inmates; acting as primary therapist for patients in acute and long term care unit of Wayne County Jail; providing psychiatric evaluation and/or treatment of inmates.

  • Macomb County Sheriff Department

    The duties at this agency were as described under "Wayne County Sheriff Department."

  • Michigan Health Center

    As Program Manager of the Urban Medicine Training Program I worked with medical students, interns and residents. This program focused on the psychosocial aspects in the delivery of health care. I was a member of the teaching staff of the Medical Education Program of this health care network.

  • Institute for Pain Management

    Main duties were to be involved in the development of treatment plans for patients seen at this treatment facility. Psychiatric evaluations, consulting with other treating staff, and management of patients with acute and chronic pain.

  • Workforce Rehabilitation

    Consulting with an interdisciplinary staff including development of treatment plans for patients undergoing rehabilitative interventions. Focus was on both, acute and chronic pain management.

  • Consulting Services Associates, Inc (Private Practice)

    Consulting Services Associates was a full service mental health facility for which I was the Executive Director. Duties included supervision and clinical interventions with a variety of mental health issues. I functioned as a Psychiatric Practitioner and Consultant/Liaison with hospitals and lectured at the colleges and universities in the Joplin area. I maintained considerable involvement in national and local professional concerns, while maintaining a clinical practice.

  • Family Counseling and Resource Center

    Private Practice setting for which I was administrator of programs. Duties included writing of grants and proposals, as well as administer programs. However, clinical intervention was the primary focus of this practice. The population consisted of outpatient, family, individual, forensic, groups and pediatrics. I was a consultant to several hospitals in the four-state area and was a part of this practice (privileges at several hospitals in the four-state area as well).

  • Psychological and Education Service, Inc.

    In this Private Practice setting, I had the opportunity for exposure to a heterogeneous patient population. Most of the population served in this practice were referred by their family physician and/or other health care providers and were primarily neurotic patients/clients. The more severe psychotic disorders were referred to settings offering more structure.

  • Crawford County Mental Health

    As Executive Director, my duties consisted of development policies and organization and/or activities which, would be implemented in the various clinical programs. Pre-screening inpatient and retarded atients/clients for housing was also a responsibility. Budget recommendations for mental health services to the board, supervision of screening and assigning of cases, assign students and trainees to the various positions in the program. Supervision of personnel through individual or group sessions, evaluate performance, schedule and conduct staff meetings. Duties also included screening of case records periodically for effective case management and conduct sessions on mental health services for various agencies. I made educational presentations to groups to cause further awareness of the community mental health program problems and needs in the community, conducted individual, family and/or group therapy sessions. During my tenure with this agency, I was actively involved with local physicians in the referral of patients/clients for medical strategies. Also, I conducted the general staffing on patient status and planning.

  • Sanilac County Mental Health Services

    As Executive Director this position involved many of the same duties as described above, under Crawford County Mental Health.

  • North Central Comprehensive Care Center

    As a Staff Psychologist with this center, I functioned rather autonomously in terms of psycho-diagnostics and general therapeutic modalities. I served as Coordinator of Services in one of the centers located in the West Team of this region. Other duties included working with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Public Assistance, Child Welfare and other social agencies. While with North Central, there was an intensive working relationship with the Psychiatrists. The age groups which I dealt with in terms of clinical intervention ranged from pre-school to the older adult. With North Central, it was my responsibility to supervise the Partial Hospitalization programs, the Nurses and other professionals/paraprofessional who worked in the programs. I also served at one time as interim Coordinator of the Alcohol Program. It was part of my responsibility to conduct both group and individual sessions for the alcoholic and families. Additionally, I supervised the teaching of the DWI classes.

  • East Arkansas Regional MI-IC

    While working with this center, I served as Education Specialist. In this capacity, I worked with the schools in terms of evaluating and recommending placement of children in special education or remedial settings. Also, I was active in coordinating a Consultation and Education Program with the schools. At this time, I carried an individual psychotherapy caseload of approximately twenty-five patients. Duties included marital and family therapy, group therapy, and participation in other therapeutic modalities and psycho-diagnostics.

  • Over ten years of military experience and psychiatric facilities/hospitals are not included in this profile.
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